Greenhouse demolition requires very tight planning, a personal and a safe approach.

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With more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, you could say that we know what we are doing. There are therefore not many things that surprise us anymore, but we can and may still learn every day to stay sharp and up to date. In addition to the knowledge we have built up over the years and which we pass on to younger generations, we now also have a large network of partners with whom we work successfully. This cooperation is the basis of our success. It enables us to provide maximum service to all our customers and relieve them of all their worries. It is a profession for and by specialists, who guarantee a tight planning, who treat you professionally and personally, but who above all continuously pay attention to a safe approach.

A tight planning

The demolition of a greenhouse is not only craftsmanship, it also requires a very tight planning. With us, a deal is a deal and to achieve this, the work is closely monitored, both on site and from the head office by the planning staff. Being on time is a trademark of Force Greenhouse Demolition.

Customers about Force Greenhouse Demolition:

Personal with a safe approach

In our 40-year existence, we have developed a working method that wecall "clean demolition". The result of “clean demolition” is that we always have an overview, are on time and remain within the specified budget. That's why extra work is really more work. This all on behalf of and in consultation with the customer.

A very beneficial effect of “clean demolition” is that we can properly separate waste products at the source.

Professional craftsmen

Force only works with qualified professionals. Professional, flexible and decisive are 3 qualities of our people. Working safely has the highest priority at Force. That is why we are VCA certified and we do not take any risks. Machines are inspected on time , employees are centrally trained and machines are replaced in a timely manner.

Also sheds and other type of work

A horticultural complex, of course, exists not only out of the glass portion, but also from other components, such as sheds, boiler rooms, power supplies, and plumbing.

A house can also be a part of the demolition.

Any asbestos inventories or remediations are also carried out in consultation with and by our specialised partners. Everything in one hand and with a fixed point of contact from Force Greenhouse Demolition, which means that the customer is optimally relieved of all worries.

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Over 40 years of experience
Large network of partners
Personal approach

Would you like an appraisal of your demolition or other work?

Force appraises reliably and for free. We have partnered with a University to develop a tool specifically greenhouse demolition quotations called "Force Quote", so we are able to deliver the most accurate appraisal available on the market.

  • The appraisal is immediately valid as a quote!
  • Certainty about the costs and revenues
  • Black on white planning

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