Separation and recycling of waste starts at the source.

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We are aware that we must all take action to protect the environment and our surroundings. Everyone on this earth has a responsibility and can easily make a contribution. As a demolition company, we also accept our responsibility and do so by separating our waste materials at the source as much as possible. Are we perfect? No, certainly not, but we do strive to achieve the maximum feasible.

'Cradle to Cradle'

Asbestos is not only inventoried but also disposed of by our partners with the right papers. All plastics are washed by market parties and transformed into raw materials. In the case of concrete, we see whether it can be used as repackaging for the new building, it is broken up on site, which reduces our carbon footprint by limiting the number of transport movements, and all metals, glass and aluminium are melted down and reused as raw materials. As a demolition company, we are also working with 'Cradle to Cradle' to make our contribution to the environment.

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